Awesome Dice online carries a wide variety of pink dice sets for all your gaming needs, because we understand that pink is the new black! Our polyhedrals are for RPG gaming -- though we certainly have six-sided dice, we use those for flinging fireballs in D&D, not shooting craps. Every gaming dice set from Awesome Dice is certified awesome, so buy your pink dice here!

Pink dice are the perfect vehicle for delivering RPG death and destruction, both for the growing crowd of women gamers, and for the guy gamers that are sufficiently confident in their manhood. These dice are hot, easy to spot, and roll crits while looking good.

We have pink dice sets in:

  • 7-Dice sets of pink dice (D&D, Pathfinder, Earthdawn, Cthulhu, and many RPGs)
  • 10 d10 sets of pink dice (World of Darkness, including Vampire & Changling)
  • 12 d6 sets of pink dice (Shadowrun, etc)
  • 36 d6 sets of pink dice (truly badass Shaowrun, Champions, etc)

True pink dice story: back in the day my sister once got me a set of pink dice for my birthday as a joke. These dice made it to every gaming session, D&D to Earthdawn. If ever a player forgot their dice they were required to use the pink set -- they couldn't borrow dice from any other player. After the rule was instituted far, far fewer players every forgot their dice. I'm not saying that pink is a bad color for gaming dice, just that they can be useful even at a table full of players who feel their too manly to throw pink dice.

Note that any dice that are substantially pink are going to be categorized as pink dice. Thus many premium dice that combine two colors would qualify as pink dice even though they have another color or two partying with them. All dice we have for sale are certified awesome, so when you buy pink dice sets from Awesome Dice, you can roll in comfort knowing your purchase is, frankly, better than that of the other players at the table.