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Dice by Color

Awesome Dice is the best place on the internet to buy colored dice. With approximately eleventy billion color mixtures available, we're pretty confident that you're going to find the dice you want. Rainbows got nothing on dice when it comes to color selection. While any basic dice set will get the job done, as gamers we all want dice sets that are unique, that speak to our own interests or that of our characters'. Or sets that fit the mood and theme of a specific game. To help you find the dice you're looking for, you can refine your search by color, individual dice, or even by game. 

Dice that contain a mix of colors, as most premium dice do, will be listed under both colors. Therefore, a set of dice that is both red and black will be listed under the Red category and the Black category. Speckled dice, on the other hand, are categorized by their base color only, not by the color of the speckles. It is also important to keep in mind that "metallic dice" refers to metallic-colored dice and not actual metal. Whether or not a set of dice is made of metal will be explicitly mentioned in the description. 

As always, when you buy colored dice from Awesome Dice, every one is certified awesome! 

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