Awesome Dice online carries a wide variety of red dice for all your gaming needs. Our polyhedral dice are designed for RPG gaming -- though we certainly have six-sided dice, we use those for flinging fireballs, not shooting craps. Every red dice set from Awesome Dice is certified awesome, so buy your red dice here!

Some of our premium red are truly spectacular-looking. Blood red dice are ideal for the Scorpion ninja posing as a courtier, or a sorcerer fueled by fire, or for a game master who delights in the blood and tears of her players (every game master, in other words).

We have red dice in:

  • 7-Dice sets of red dice (D&D, Pathfinder, Earthdawn, Cthulhu, and many RPGs)
  • 10 d10 sets of red dice (World of Darkness, including Vampire & Changling)
  • 12 d6 sets of red dice (Shadowrun, etc)
  • 36 d6 sets of red dice (Shadowrun, Champions, etc)

Note that any dice that are substantially red are going to be categorized as red dice. Thus many premium dice that combine two colors would qualify as red dice even though they have another color or two partying with them.