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10d10 dice sets contain, as expected, 10 ten-sided dice. These sets do not contain any percentile dice. 

10d10 dice sets became big in the 90s with the introduction of White Wolf's World of Darkness series, this including Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, Wraith, and Aberrant. All World of Darkness games use large dice pools of ten-sided dice. As these games grew in popularity, dice manufacturers began producing sets of nothing but 10 ten-sided dice. Today, these sets continue to remain popular. 

A set of 10d10 is appropriate for just about any World of Darkness or L5R game. You'll rarely need more than ten dice, but when playing particularly high-powered sessions or in the presence of superior min-maxing, you can encounter situations in which you might need a couple more. In these situations, you can swipe a few dice from your neighbor or simply roll a die or two a second time. Of course, the avid player and dice connoisseur's solution is to buy multiple 10d10 dice sets. That way, you will always have the necessary amount of dice no matter how amazingly powerful you become. 

Then you can be the guy that everyone else is swiping dice from.