Metal Polyhedral Dice Sets

Purple Metal Dice

Plastic dice sets are great, but some tabletop gamers appreciate the heft of metal as they make their roll. Metal dice sets fill that need in a variety of weights, materials, and colors. The least expensive options are made from a zinc alloy and these are the ones most likely metal sets to feature vibrant colors. More expensive options are copper, bronze, and even tungsten. If you keep your sets around for many years, the bronze and copper dice sets will eventually acquire a patina, as the metal slowly interacts with Oxygen in the atmosphere.

Because metal provides much more rigidity, you can get much more creative with the actual dice structure than you can with plastic dice. Examples of this are our Legendary Metal 1-Sided Dice, as well as the D3 and the Thorn Dice Set.

Awesome Dice is continuing to build out its metal dice collection so drop us a line if there is anything you wish to be added.

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This is a genuine metal 1-sided die, the legendary d1. Every gamer needs 1-sided dice in their collection, to determine...
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Metal d3


There have been a handful of attempts at making 3-sided dice in the past, and most of them are really...
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