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Metal 1-Sided Die


 Note: Only the D2 version is currently in stock ! 

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This is a genuine metal 1-sided die, the legendary d1. Every gamer needs 1-sided dice in their DND Dice collection, to determine the outcome when there is only one option. Before one-sided dice the closest gamers could come was a d4, and then you had to roll the d4 over and over until you got a result of a one. Now with 1-sided dice there is an easy solution: one roll will quickly and efficiently let you know the result when there's only one possible option! This d1 is about twice the size of standard dice.

This metal d1 is made from stainless steel, has a nice heft and weight to it, and it spins very well. The metal 1-sided die is far superior to the plastic version, which is very light, though certainly cheaper.

The Awesome Dice metal 1-sided die is in fact a möbius strip: an object with only one side. If you put your finger on any point on the dice and trace it along the surface, you'll eventually come back to your starting point and will have touched every point on the die.

You can roll the 1-sided die by spinning it like a coin. The one-sided die has the number 1 on the surface twice on the same side (get it - because there's only one side!) and the numbers come un-inked. You can ink the number with any fine-tipped permanent marker; however, since there's only one side a cunning gamer can usually predict the outcome without seeing the numbers.

This dice is also handy when you are playing a character that you've grown tired of playing. Just leave your dice set at home and commit a "death by d1" suicide during any fight or critical situation.


Is the metal D1 balanced? 

Yes, the Metal D1 is definitely balanced towards a particular result. In fact, our 1-sided dice will roll truer than any other dice in your collection. We promise it won't let you down!

How do you operate it?

Operating the d1 is easy, simply flip or spin as if it were a coin.

With this dice, can you travel in time à la Tony Stark?

Legend has it that it is possible, but so far no one has perfected the technique.

What is on the other side?

The same side.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Tory C.
So cool!

Gave as a gift and they loved it. Very high quality, feels nice and weighty when holding it. Exactly what I was hoping for.

James E Swalling-Mastel
Exactly balanced dice

The only reason I didn't give a full 5star is there was a very obvious showing where either the bur or the weld was.

Jackson Schumacher
It has never failed me

When I need to role roll, it has always undoubtably, unequivocally has my back and has not let me down yet!

Best d1

I love this die, it's easily the best looking d1 I've ever seen. I got one for myself, and now all my friends want some too. It's a lovely weight, the perfect size... the only negative I can think of is that both of the 1s show on the same "face"; you can effectively flip it over, and it would be nice if one of the 1s was there on the "back" (mobius strip, though, I know). But in every other way it's absolutely perfect, and I'd buy them for all my friends if I could.

Rolls the best and the worst at once!

I adore the presentation of this die, and the size and weight are pretty much perfect. And you can never say it doesn't roll true!