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In the world of tabletop gaming, a single die isn't going to do you much good -- you need dice sets -- preferably lots of them! Different tabletop RPGs will often require a different type of set, and while none of the standard sets ever get you all of the dice you really want (and really, is there such a thing as enough dice?) each of the different dice set types out there give you all the basics that you really need to to game.

Dice Sets by Game Breakdown

Here's a list of the different standard types of game dice sets, all of which we carry at Awesome Dice. After the sets, we'll list some of the common RPG games that use that dice sets. Of course there are hundreds of RPGs out there, but we'll try to list some of the more popular games.

7-Dice Sets

These are the "standard" gaming dice set which provides a range of all the common polyhedral die types. Used in Dungeons & DragonsPathfinder, Earthdawn, Call of Cthulhu, Eclipse Phase, and in fact the majority of RPGs.

Other types of sets: 

  • 10d10 Sets: made popular by the World of Darkness Storyteller system, used in Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, Wraith, Aberrant. Also the set used for the Legends of the Five Rings RPG
  • 12d6 Sets: used in Shadowrun, Champions, Obsidian
  • 36d6 Sets: used in Champions and common in wargaming circles, wherever you need a lot of six-sided dice

It's worth noting that there are some games out there that use very minimal numbers of dice and don't really need entire sets. Additionally there are some games that use only one or two dice for most things, but in some situations use more, at which point you really want a set. Eclipse Phase mostly just uses percentile dice, but when rolling damage you could certainly make use of a handful of d10s. Call of Cthulhu also uses percentiles for most rolls, but various damage and sanity rolls make use of the full range of gaming dice found in the 7-dice set.