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Awesome Dice

Awesome Dice's goal is to be the premiere online dice store and the best place to buy dice online. We carry a vast selection of the coolest gaming dice for sale on the planet, and unlike general online game stores, we work hard to have all those cool dice in stock! So when you want to know where to buy dice online, know that we have have an in-stock rate of over 90% of dice that are available from the manufacturer (we can't do much when the manufacturer is out). Our goal is to do one thing -- be a dice store -- and do it better than anyone else. That's why you'll only find dice and directly dice-related products on this site.

Among the gaming dice sets you can find for sale here are:

  • 7 dice sets perfect Dungeons & Dragons dice, as well as dice for many other games.
  • 10d10 dice sets perfect Vampire Dice dice for any World of Darkness game
  • 12d6 & 36d6 dice sets for everything from Shadowrun dice to Champions to Obsidian
  • Specialty Dice including d30s and d100s, as well as the legendary Pound o' Dice
  • Dice Bags because it's not enough to have the coolest dice, you need a way to get them to and from the gaming table

See the dice before you buy the dice

Dragonscale dice bagWe're big gamers ourselves here at Awesome Dice, and we understand what's important to gamers. That's why we have professional, high quality photos of all of the dice we have for sale. Because when you're buying dice, what you're really looking for is cool dice that fit your character or the theme of the game you're playing -- in other words, what you're mostly interested in is how the dice look.

Since you can't pick up the dice for a closer look when you're shopping online like you can in a store, we've made sure that our photos are crystal clear, can be blown up for excellent detail, and are properly color-balanced so that the dice you receive in the mail actually look like the ones that you buy. Too often pictures of gaming dice that you find online don't show how the dice really look -- sometimes this is because of low-quality and low-rez photos, but often it's a color balancing issue where indoor lights give a yellow tinge that can pretty radically alter how the dice look, especially for premium dice that have a subtle blend of colors in them. We hope that this is a small part of what helps to make Awesome Dice the best answer to where to buy dice!

If you have any questions for us, or any request for products you would like Awesome Dice to carry, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Awesome Dice Projects

In addition to continually hunting for cool new dice and dice bags to put up for sale on the site, we also spend some time doing research and development into related gaming stuff. We developed the Wordpress virtual dice roller plugin that can be installed on your campaign blog to provide emergency dice rolling when you don't have your dice on hand. We've also posted some of our neat dice and gaming related research on our blog, including the History of Dice, statistics on the Edition Wars, a cool dice randomness test of GameScience and Chessex dice, and of course the fun videos from Balthazar.

We're always working on something new to provide to the gaming community, and following our blog is the best way to keep abreast of what we're working on -- and stay aware of the latest sweet gaming dice we have for sale online!