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Monthly Box of Awesome


Our Monthly Box of Awesome is the only monthly subscription box where you will receive dice sets from Chessex, Q-Workshop, Awesome Dice, and more! Each box will contain products worth at least $30 - $35 in total value. You'll get a unique, curated box every time. We don't do repeats! 

Sometimes our boxes follow a certain theme. This theme could be related to a particular time of year, holiday, color, movie - you name it. It might even be nostalgic in nature. Other times it features products not yet up for sale on our website! All times our boxes feature dice, but on special occasions these dice might come with accessories like dice bags and dice trays! 

Your monthly subscription box will ship every month, two months, or three months (depending on your selection) until cancelled. There are no long-term commitments and you can cancel at anytime. 


Customer Reviews

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Monthly Box of Awesome

Brandica Blake

Monthly Box of Awesome

Solid pick to improve dice collection

I was pleasantly surprised by the dice I got from this box, though they were chessex dice. If you're looking for a way to get dice this is a fine option

Happy Goblin

I started out with a random feedback from friends saying don't do this it's not worth it and mixed opinions as I started my adventure into learning d&d and my new love for collecting dice. Since subscribing I have had a few top favorites I always bring with me as well as some I keep on hand 'just in case'.

The team takes the time to assemble the boxes and you can tell they put thought and effort into the themes. The customer service I received when I had a question was quick and extremely helpful. This was the best choice I made and I suggest it to all my friends. When I get asked where my dice came from I'm always eager to brag about my guilty pleasure - Dice subscription box.

Thank you guys for helping to support my healthy addition!
~Happy Dice Goblin Giz

Samuel Watson
Love the dice pouch

I really like the Witcher set and the elvish set really enjoyed this box