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Monthly Box of Awesome


For April, we are shipping our monthly subscribers three (3) of the currently most popular sets on our site. We guarantee you like this box because all of our customers do!

Our "Monthly Box of Awesome" is the only monthly dice subscription box where you will receive sets released by Chessex, Q-Workshop, Awesome Dice originals, as well as other new and excited dice we come across! Each box will contain products worth at least $30 - $35. You'll get unique box with 2 to 5 curated items each month.

Each monthly box will follow a certain theme and will be given an appropriately themed name. Often, we will have tabletop gaming influencers and others in the RPG community guest curate our monthly box. The theme could be related to a particular time of year, certain movies, tropes, or could be nostalgic in nature.

    Your monthly subscription dice box will ship every month until cancelled. Although there are no long-term commitments and you can cancel at anytime, we are quite sure you'll be a long-time subscriber. If you have any questions, hit us up on our contact page.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews

    Monthly Box of Awesome

    Great dice

    Loved all three sets of glowing the dark Chessex dice. And the stone d8 was a nice bonus

    Quality Dice

    I received three sets of plain, but quality made dice. I am excited to see the products I receive in the future.

    This month was better than last month!

    The three plastic dice sets looked really good. I contributed two to the house gamer box and kept the ice styled ones for myself. I tossed the gemstone Amethyst D8 with my Amethyst set. While I begin to worry these may not be quite the specialty dice subscription I am looking for this month was still a good one.

    Is this really curated?

    Got the monthly box during the black friday sale. It came in an unmarked brown box, which is not what I was expecting from the images. Inside, there are 3 sets of the recently released Chessex Borealis line. Unfortunately, I had already bought 1 of them in the exact same order, which means I ended up with an extra. The box also came with a gemstone d4 (just the d4), of what looked like bloodstone with old-style numbering. TBH, I didn't really feel any care that went into picking out the items, it felt like they put in 3 items that they have stock and then tossed in a d4? Not sure if there's any theme in the selection at all, quite disappointing overall.

    Hi Ruik, thank you for your honest reply. We will certainly take your thoughts into consideration as we plan our future boxes. Often, we have boxes that follow a certain theme. Other times, we try to get our subscribers the latest releases. In any event, we hope you enjoy the January box. Thanks again for your feedback!