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The Vampire game uses any set of 10 ten-sided dice.

Vampire dice sets are available in a myriad of styles from Awesome Dice. Whether you're a perky goth in search of vampire dice to accessorize or a die-hard World of Darkness player looking for dice for the new Requiem or the old Vampire: the Masquerade, we at Awesome Dice got you covered.

All World of Darkness games, including the old Vampire: the Masquerade and the new Requiem use only ten-sided dice. Most gamers looking for vampire dice want to buy a set of 10 d10s so that you have enough dice for most of your die pool rolls (though in a particularly high-powered game, with very low generation vampires, you may need more dice, in which case a couple of sets will keep you covered).

Any set of 10 ten-sided dice is perfectly suitable; however, there is one line of vampire dice still in production made specifically for vampire -- the Vampire Ankh Dice use the green/black marble from the original vampire books, red numbering, and have a red ankh symbol in place of the 10 on the die. These dice definitely look like they belong in the vampire world and are particularly evocative of the World of Darkness universe. If you're looking to buy a nice set of dice that is appropriate just for vampire, the ankh dice are probably what you're looking for.

Vampire Dice Sets

Over the 20+ year history of Vampire, there have been many different kinds of vampire dice sets produced in different designs and with different color mixes. Among the ones that we've seen include speckled green/black with a red tip at one of the points and a rose design in place of the ankh; a black die (with and without the blood red tip) with a rose in place of the ankh; a white version of the vampire dice with black numbering and ankh.

Unfortunately none of these other variations are being manufactured any longer. We've searched through the inventory of all of the major dice manufacturers, and only the marbled green design with red ankh is still being made. In order to buy any of the other vampire dice designs you have to look on Ebay or some other aftermarket source. Or if you're really lucky you can find a dice store with some old inventory.