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Advice on Ranger Dice

The aesthetic befitting a set of ranger dice is earthy and rugged, but with a glint of refined polish, much like their skillset. Proficient with all manners of blade and bow, deep wooden tones and metallic shades of bronze, copper, and steel, heavily laden with earthen hues, give due credit to the rugged wilderness that acted as the ranger's pedagogue and mentor. Clear, glassy resins laced with gold leaf and fine swirls of deep green speak to their unclouded vision, which becomes evident when they act as the party's masterful survivalist and incisive navigator, whether crossing familiar plains or densely wooded hinterlands.



For Ranger dice, I think they would have to be kind of similar to the moss dice that are already up on your site, because I kind of always associate rangers with the forest. So like putting some moss or like crushed up leaves in there or something would really make it feel more ranger-y for me. But I also think they would have a green tint to them to really differentiate from the skull moss dice that are already up there.

-Phoebe Crowther