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Recommendations for Druid Dice

A Druid can have several different variations to their setup, whether they focus on wild shaping into ever increasingly dangerous beasts to harnessing the frighteningly destructive might of nature magic, they can be a truly unique Class dependent on the players wielding them.

For a good set of dice, the set should match the aspect of that PC which highlights the unique choices made up until that point. If the Druid relies on ice spells, a frosty dice set with blue numbers is ideal, or perhaps the winter season set with a clear body and snowflakes set within. If they wild shape into a Dire Wolf then their dice should display a wild, dark pattern with highly contrasting numbers to represent the duality of the beast and hero within. And above all, the dice should never be metal. That just wouldn’t be kosher.

- Matt Saddoris (Celomak Omion – Lvl 8 Druid)

My favorite 5th edition player class would be that of the druid. In previous editions, the druid was rarely played in any of my games because they were considered weak. In the 5th edition, however, they are quite strong and very interesting. I have seen quite a few sites making dice that coincide with the druid's ties to nature (green and plants), but I have not seen ANY that deal with the druid's relationship to the animal realm. While this opens up far more options (even sticking to the commonly used animal companions), I would like to something that incorporates the animal and nature aspects. I think a good set of druid dice, for example, could include dark green or blue/green dice with hints of the different shades of a wolf (greys, blues, and browns) as well as possibly making the "1" a wolf head. Similar techniques could be applied to other animals.

-Andrew (Who Deir, Lvl 20 Druid), DM & DND Player since early '80's.