We have so many black dice at Awesome Dice that it's like drowning in a sea of ninja.

We're all gamers at Awesome Dice online, and we understand how much gamers love black. It's okay, we love our black dice and t-shirts too. We carry a full line of polyhedral black dice, whether you need a 7-dice set of black dice for your necromancer in D&D, sets of 10 black 10-sided dice for your World of Darkness conquests, or sets of 12 or 36 6-sided black dice for your next meeting with Mr. Johnson in Shadowrun -- we got the black dice you need to be awesome, and we very much hope you'll buy your black dice from us.

We have black dice in:

  • 7-Dice sets of black dice (D&D, Pathfinder, Earthdawn, Cthulhu, and many RPGs)
  • 10 d10 sets of black dice (World of Darkness, including Vampire & Changling)
  • 12 d6 sets of black dice (Shadowrun, etc)
  • 36 d6 sets of black dice (truly badass Shaowrun, Champions, etc)

Note that any dice that are substantially black are going to be categorized as black dice. Thus many premium dice that combine two colors would qualify as black dice even though they have another color or two all up in their face.