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At Awesome Dice, we carry a variety of genuine leather dice bags, this including suede. There is no dice bag quite as authentic as a leather dice bag: they are exactly the sort of thing your RPG character would carry their dice in. 

Here, you can buy solid-color leather dice bags and leather bags hot-stamped with foil designs. Perfect for gaming and accessorizing your Renaissance Festival costume. A two-for-one deal! 

All our leather dice bags are made in the USA. 

About Genuine Leather

Our leather dice bags are made from genuine leather. This means that every dice bag you purchase will be unique. The leather will have slightly different textures ranging from smooth to that slightly wrinkled look commonly associated with worn leather. Some bags may have minor "blemishes" as well. These are just characteristics of the particular piece of leather used in the construction of the bag. This is a large part of what makes each bag so unique. 

Suede is a piece of hide that has been separated from the supper, smoother layer of leather. This suede layer is then buffed (and usually dyed) to give it that classic-suede appearance. 

Your leather dice bag should not require any special care. If it does start to dry out or if it gets stained, you can care for it as you would any other leather item. Just take care not to buff off any foil design!