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Small Black Leather Dice Bag


This small black leather dice bag is made of genuine leather, including a leather cord to close the bag. This is a very small dice bag, capable of holding a set or two of D&D dice or a 10d10 or 36d6 set -- but not much more than that. This is a good dice bag for bringing a single set of dice to the gaming table, but it's not going to let you bring extras for different situations or lots of funky specialty or giant dice. On the other hand, this is a leather dice bag that's small enough to fit inside a pocket.


  • Genuine Leather
  • Fits in your pocket
  • At less than $6, this is a cost-efficient dice-transportation solution.


  • Fairly small; fits only a couple of 7-Dice sets

Genuine leather note: this dice bag is made of genuine leather, and as such each bag will look slightly different. Variations in texture and textural blemishes are a sign of genuine leather and make each leather dice bag unique. Thus not every leather dice bag will look exactly like the photo. Our leather dice bags are made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Christopher Panos
The Perfect Small Leather Bag

Well-made, and the perfect size for a double set of dice plus a couple extra d6. Love it!

Danna Geil
Great pouch

Brandon thank you for the beautiful green dice and leather pouch. They are perfect for my Husbands DnD dice. I also appreciate the bonus dice you sent. That was a nice touch.

Robb Rosen
Blk leather bag...

It's perfect for my dice, and looks cool too!
Thanks awesome dice 🤘

Brett Christian

Small Black Leather Dice Bag

Black leather dice bag

Love my new bag!!!! Great quality and exactly how I wanted it!! Delivery was very fast and the emails from owners were very much appriciated