Specialty Dice

Specialty dice is, we'll admit, sort of a catch-all category for all the rest of the dice out there that don't fit well into other categories. These dice are, however, usually pretty special. Whether it's double dice, tiny dice, huge ones or dice with unique designs, our selection of specialty dice is definitely worth a look.

This is also the place to find dice with odd numbers of faces, outside of the standard polyhedral dice shapes. Everything from 1-sided dice to 100-sided dice are found here!

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Ebony D20 Die

$14.93 $19.93

Hewn from Ebony wood in Mozambique, the larger-than-normal Ebony D20 is perfect to wield when rolling for initiative! Ebony wood...
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Metal 1-Sided Dice


This is a genuine metal 1-sided die, the legendary d1. Every gamer needs 1-sided dice in their collection, to determine...
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Plastic 1-Sided Dice


Note: The image shows the plastic 1-sided die inked in black. Yours will likely need to be inked once it...
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2d6 Pirate Dice Set


Arr mateys, raise the Jolly Roger and run out the plank. There's treasure out there and these Pirate Dice have...
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Wooden six-sided dice. These wood d6 dice have black pips for numbering and are standard 16mm dice. Unlike traditional polyhedral...
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Green d30


This is a shimmer green d30 with gold numbering -- a 30-sided die. The d30 is not a standard in...
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