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Specialty Dice

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Pound 'O d6
The Pound 'o D6 is a full pound of d6 six-sided dice, somewhere around 100 d6 dice with pips.
Pound 'o Dice
The Pound o' Dice is exactly what it sounds like: a 1lb bag of gaming dice that you can buy for a low price. Around 100 dice in each bag.
2d6 Pirate Dice Set
White 6-sided dice with a pirate map & flag design.
50mm d6
Extra big, giant 50mm green and black d6 with gold pips for numbering.
Blank Dice - Black d6
Blank black d6 dice. Blank dice are sold singly.
Blank Dice - White d6
Blank white d6 dice. Blank dice are sold singly.
Elder Sign Percentile Dice Set
Set of Elder Sign percentile dice for Cthulhu games with an Elder Sign in the 10 position.
Giant Red 55mm d20
This giant translucent red d20 is 55mm of solid dice, with gold numbering.
Loaded D&D Character Builder Dice
Loaded dice weighted to roll 18 when rolling up D&D characters
Metal 1-Sided Dice
Stainless steel metal 1-sided dice -- a möbius strip die with only one side!
Metal d3
This large metal d3 is an elegant 3-sided dice design.
Metal Thorn Dice Set
Awesome Thorn Dice set made from a mixture of solid metal and awesome.
Mini Gold Plated 7-Dice Set
Tiny 5mm gold-plated 7-dice set. The smallest D&D dice set!
$7.00 Out Of Stock
Mini Silver Plated 7-Dice Set
Tiny 5mm silver plated D&D dice set!
$7.00 Out Of Stock
Plastic 1-Sided Dice
Gray plastic 1-sided dice -- a möbius strip die with only one side!
Specialty Dice

Specialty dice is, we'll admit, sort of a catch-all category for all the rest of the dice out there that don't fit well into other categories. These dice are, however, usually pretty special. Whether it's double dice, tiny dice, huge ones or dice with unique designs, our selection of specialty dice is definitely worth a look.

This is also the place to find dice with odd numbers of faces, outside of the standard polyhedral dice shapes. Everything from 1-sided dice to 100-sided dice are found here!