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The Abyss 7-Dice Set


"The Abyss" consists of a translucent base mixed with blue and a touch of black. A heavy dusting of fine purple glitter is also present. The result: a dice set that draws your eyes in, holds tightly to your attention, and doesn't let go.

This set is inked in gold, which pairs perfectly with the design. This standard-sized set consists of a d4, d6, d8, d10, percentile d10, d12, and a d20.

Look upon these dice and gaze into the abyss!

These are roughly standard size dice: size guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Ben Pesterfield
Beautiful dice!

Although shipping was quite expensive from the US to UK, the dice were worth it as they are beautiful and fit me d&d character well.

Katie T.

Really cool looking, they’re gorgeous

Ryan Hamilton
Lacking Uniformity of Color but Still Nice

The Dice don't have as much color in them as the ones in the picture. Some, the D6 and the D4 in particular, have almost no color at all. SO I was a little disappointed in that. That being said, they're still nice dice and the numbers are more legible than the white marble set I had before. Considering they weren't too expensive and they still came with a free dice bag I'm okay with it.


Absolutely beautiful set! The pictures didn't even do them justice. I've had nothing but good luck with these.

Great customer service

This pair of dice is wonderful and fully enjoyed by the recipient. But I mostly write to commend the company’s excellent customer service. I experienced a few issues and they were quickly and personally taken care of. Thank you and I highly recommend!