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Purple Dice Bag


A simple, purple dice bag of approximately 4 x 6 inches. This little dice bag can easily hold a few sets of dice, whether they're 7-dice sets, 10d10 sets, or large quantities of d6s. This bag includes draw strings to close it. 

Dice not included. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joseph Larger
Great Dice

Exactly as expected - beautiful dice!!

Victoria Grimme
Great gift for gaming teen

A nice stocking stuffer for my teen who is learning to play D&D.

Dice Lord
Awesome Value, Nice Size, Color Muted

First of all, these bags are terrific. I have them in black, blue, and purple. At $2.50, you can't get much more economical, and I'm happy with the quality at that price point. I gave them to all of my players and they are quite happy with the utility and bright coloration. The purple bag is definitely more muted than the picture - more of a merlot or darker grape color than the bright purple in the picture. Still very nice looking though.

They also tie up nicely with the draw string and are large enough to accommodate several (4+) 7-dice sets. Highly recommended!!!

Arrived fast!

My package got to me just in time for Father's Day (it was a gift). The person I gave it to loved it and always uses it for his most special dice.