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Astral RPG Dice Set


This 7-dice set is made from a combination of more and less translucent polyresin that also varies in coloring. That unique combination, along with the sparkling glitter make for a very interesting dice set.

The unique font is inked in white which contrasts nicely with the coloring of the dice.

In short, you will love this set!

These dice are a bit larger than standard. They're probably close to size 7: size guide

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful dice, even better in person!

Beautiful Set

They look amazing, they roll well, they're highly legible, and I love the font. This is a deal. I've certainly paid more for a lot less.

Amazing dice!

These dice are everything I wanted and more. They do have a few tiny notches in them, but they're barely noticeable. Also, these dice are not just sparkly: they are slightly translucent, so when you turn them, the sparkles shift and change. MAGICAL. I am completely satisfied and can't wait to show them off at my next D&D campaign.

elliot madden
truly awesome dice!

They are absolutely beautiful and have an AMAZING weight. The one thing that is a bit weird is that the d20 is slightly bigger than the rest of the dice. It doesn't bother me in the slightest, however it is an odd little thing I noticed.

Andy Widener
Down right gorgeous dice!!

The pictures do these dice no justice. Until you have them in you hand/dice tray you might never understand. These are my go to set whenever I play.