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Rated 4.78/5  by 15,700+ Customers

Triton Copper-Blue Metal Dice Set

Channel the dual essence of might and magic with the Triton Copper-Blue Metal Dice Set, a perfect ally for your epic quests and battles.

This is standard 7-Dice Set and consists of the following: a d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, and d20. These dice are size : 3

Crafted from durable copper-colored alloy with striking blue for a powerful, enchanting look

Balanced for casual play

Black inking for easy roll reading

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Unleash Your True Character

Every adventurer has a tale. Our dice echo yours. Crafted for heroes and legends, they’re more than just dice; they’re your companions on epic quests and daring dungeon crawls. Roll with pride, roll with destiny.

Epic Rolls for Epic Tales

Transform your table by entering into a realm of legend. Our dice bring design, creativity, and a spark of magic to every encounter. Forge memories, slay dragons, and conquer dungeons with rolls that narrate your saga.

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Crafted for Unmatched Quality

Meticulously crafted for unmatched precision and quality, each dice set promises a flawless, balanced roll, transforming your DND sessions into legendary adventures. 

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Why DND Players Choose Us

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"These have taken their place as my new favorite set of dice. Really pretty, and I've been lucky with them so far. I save these for important rolls."

Richard M.

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"My warforged sorcerer, copper-plated and crackling with blue lighting between the seams, was almost perfect. Then I found this dice set and it was like they were custom made for me!! Thanks Awesome Dice, I appreciate it!"

Zach P.

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"The dice are beyond reproach, they are beautiful and exquisite. Fine works of art! Great craftsmanship! I will be definitely be purchasing more in the near future."

Eric S.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Joe Izzo
Live up to the Name!

I was surprised how nice these dice were. The pictures don't do them justice. Beautiful to look at, nice weight to hold and even rolled a natural 20 first time using them!

JR Handley
Love them!

These dice are all that I could ask for and more!

JR Handley
The best dice around

They arrived in a timely manner, exactly as described. They feel good in the hand, work like a charm and just look damn good! Well done, Awesome Dice!

Jill Oliver
Very Nice

I really like the look and feel of these dice. Even the d4 has a nice solid weight and feel to it. The padded case is great. I have to be careful with the d6 because it will settle into the foam really well which makes it difficult to get out, but should be pretty protected.


Triton Copper-Blue Metal Dice Set