Amethyst Stone Dice Set


This is a beautiful full-sized dice set made from genuine amethyst crystal. In each die you can see the variations in the shade of purple and the texture of the amethyst crystal. These amethyst dice are hand-carved and polished ensuring that each set is unique. Amethyst dice sets make perfect gifts, particularly for February birthdays (amethyst is the February birth stone) and are a fantastic dice choice for mystical characters.

Dice Size

Each die is of the following size:

  • D4- 20mm
  • D6- 15mm
  • D8- 23mm
  • D10-23mm
  • D%-23mm
  • D12-24mm
  • D20-24mm

All our gemstone dice are hand-cut, so you should allow a 1-2mm different in size even for the same shape.

Proper Care

Amethyst Dice, like all gemstone dice are susceptible to chipping and should always be rolled on a padded tray, never on a hard surface. Never store gemstone dice loosely in a dice bag with metal dice and, if kept in a dice bag, never toss the bag around carelessly.

Gemstone Dice Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are not completely satisfied with your gemstone dice set, you may exchange it for a different set or return it for a 100% refund, including any shipping fees.

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Natural Stone & Hand-Carved Disclaimer: these dice are made from natural stone, and there will be considerable variation in coloring and pattern of the stone. No two sets are alike and they will not be exactly as pictured. The dice are hand-carved, which means there will be imperfections from die to die, which can include dice being slightly different sizes, numbers not being perfectly centered on a face, or faces not being perfectly symmetrical (common on d12s).

Customer Reviews

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Amethyst Stone Dice Set

Gorgeous Dice!

The dice are absolutely stunning. They were packaged safely and beautifully, and really came out great. Cannot wait to get to use these and to order my next set!


Pretty dice, feel amazing to roll

Beautiful dice!

I also find their weight to be remarkably pleasing. I can't wait to have another gemstone set for myself to use them with.

Feel nice and beautiful

I got no complaints here. They have a good weight to them and they are beautiful. Usually they are a dark purple but then when I kick on the light they shine and turn into a bright soft purple. Love them