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The Lilac 7-Dice Set


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Blue: ✔

Violet: ✔

Glitter: ✔

The Lilac is one of the more beautiful sets we've added in a while here at Awesome Dice. Consisting of a translucent base, bands of violet and blue abound in each die. Violet and blue glitter are also added to create a beautiful aesthetic which will instantly remind you of its namesake.

This is a standard 7-Dice set, consisting of a d4, d6, d6, d10, Percentile d10, d12, and d20. 

These are roughly size 6: size guide

📷 Pictures by @rhovanelrolls.

Customer Reviews

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The Lilac 7-Dice Set

Dice Lord
Absolutely Gorgeous

This set is certainly one of Awesome Dice's finest offering. I bought these for my daughter's Feywild druid, and they always draw everyone's eyes when she brings them out. They are stunning and beautiful in real life with clear and nice deep set numbering. The color variation is outstanding, providing a magical feel with interplay between lilacs, pinks, golds, and blues. I'd say the overall hue leans towards lilac/pink (at least my set did), which is perfect for a feminine or fairie type feel. A very special, magical set indeed.

Ryan Cathcart

The natural 20s are common, just the way I like it.

Tree M
Stunning dice!

Bought these for a gift for a friend for the holidays! Absolutely beautiful dice -- makes me wish I bought a spare set for myself!

Berkley Fields

The dice are beautiful in person. They are light and roll very well!