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Gilded 7-Dice Sets


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Glittery translucent dice, gilded with flecks of gold, make for a beautiful - and powerful - set of dice. Each die is dusted with tiny flecks of purple glitter, which makes for an awesome set of dice by itself, but also every die is richly sprinkled with beautiful golden flakes. 

Inked in gold or purple, either set is ready to be wielded in battle!

This is a standard 7-dice set, consisting of a d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, and d20.

These dice are around size 6, possibly a little larger (particularly the d20): size guide

Gilded Blue photos by @rhovanelrolls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Beautiful colors and love the spread of the gold foil.

Dylan Cole
Great Looking Dice

Bought them as a Christmas present for my roommate and he absolutely loved the look of them.

Dice Lord
Incredible, Eye Catching Set

This set in blue/gold is truly awesome. The detailed pictures are great, but they are also spectacular in real life - definitely more clear, so I wish Awesome Dice would provide a more zoomed out set image that was less staged with all the gold and lighting. Coloring is varied and provides a lot of visual contrast against the gold leaf inclusions. Numbering is rounded but clear and deep set, resulting in easy to read faces. One of Awesome Dice's finest sets - highly recommended!!!

David Smith

Arrived quickly and all together, no deformities. Unfortunately there was not as much gold fleck as pictured, a bit of a let down as that's why I purchased.

Justin Gagliani
Always A++

I got these for a friend new to D&D and now they're even more excited to play. Real Dice is ALWAYS better than clicking a virtual dice roller.