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The d100: 100-sided Zocchihedron Die


Why waste effort on rolling a d% and a d10 when you can break out a d100? Also known as a Zocchihendron (named after it's inventor, Lou Zocchi, who debuted the die in 1985), this translucent blue die has the feel of a rather large, overweight golf ball. 

A d100 is useful when making percentage rolls and when rolling new characters. Although not widely used, it is sure to be a conversation starter at your table! 

And it does, in fact, come packaged in the container featured in the last image. 

Customer Reviews

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Not a Zocchihedron.

This product is NOT actually a Zocchihedron,
It is merely a 100 sided dice.
It is a lump of plastic, and will roll for a long ways,
A real Zocchihedron is hollow and has a filling that slows it down, so it does not roll endlessly.
See the difference here:
That said, it will probably roll fine, just be sure to use a dice tray.
and know what you are getting.


The d100 - 100-sided Zocchihedron Die

Jason Fain

The d100 - 100-sided Zocchihedron Die

Jacob Carl
The dice never arrived

I never got the dice, the Shop app and the tracking number both say that the package is still pending to be accepted at the first USPS facility. :/

Hi Jacob, I'm so sorry your dice haven't arrived yet. The USPS is having major issues this year with the record holiday shopping. I hope your dice arrive very soon!

Nicholas G
Great product!

I always wanted one of these since I began playing. It’s all I expected