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Dice Manufacturers

While there are a lot of companies out there with the capabilities to manufacture dice, most of them are really custom dice manufacturers who serve casinos and game companies (the guys who manufacture dice for Monopoly and Descent). When it comes down to RPG dice manufacturers, there are surprisingly few major players in the industry, and here at Awesome Dice we're pleased to carry dice by several of the major RPG manufacturers.

Here is a brief rundown of the major RPG dice manufacturers:

  • Chessex: by far the largest and most well-known RPG dice manufacturer, Chessex produces the vast majority of dice used by gamers, and their dice are manufactured in Europe.
  • Koplow: another large dice manufacturer, Koplow doesn't specialize as tightly in the RPG industry as Chessex does, and their dice are manufactured in China.
  • Q-Workshop: a dice manufacturer located in Poland, Q-Workshop makes some gorgeous dice with designs on the dice faces in addition to just numbers. Q-Workshop manufactures dice via a variety of methods: the standard plastic injection molding of most manufacturers, plus other proprietary methods that enable them to achieve particularly complex and detailed designs.
  • Custom Dice: If you're looking for truly custom dice, you will need to go through an overseas manufacturer, and will have to order in large quantities (at least 1,500 of each custom die) and pay to have them shipped overseas.