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"Bardic Inspiration" Cannabis-themed Dice Set


Unleash your creative DnD character's potential with our exclusive "Bardic Inspiration" RPG dice set. Crafted with a cannabis-themed design, this extraordinary set, available only at Awesome Dice, takes your gaming experience to new heights. Each resin die encapsulates swirling smoky vapor, while vibrant green ink adds an enchanting touch.

  • Step into a realm of legendary tales where the "Bardic Inspiration" d20 holds the power of a pound of bubonic chronic, obliterating any foe in its path. Embrace this unparalleled might as you roll the dice, reshaping the fate of your adventures with every toss.
  • But the allure of the "Bardic Inspiration" dice extends far beyond their potent abilities. Possessing this remarkable set instantly elevates you to the status of the most celebrated party member. Your companions will be captivated by your style and flair when you wield these creative DnD dice.
  • Embrace the convergence of cannabis-inspired aesthetics and the immersive world of fantasy. The "Bardic Inspiration" dice set becomes more than just gaming accessories—it becomes a gateway to unforgettable quests and daring exploits. 
  • Elevate your gaming sessions, defy the odds, and let this creative set of dice guide your every move. Immerse yourself in a world where imagination knows no bounds. Unleash the magic, ignite your passion for adventure, and let the dice roll in your favor. 

These are roughly standard size dice: size guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Jacob Ranquist
Great for your pro 420 party members

My d&d party member loved them

Robert Farrr
Bardic inspiration

My wife loves the dice. Very fun. Great color.

Trevor Wright
Love the dice

They are just cool dice.

Loyed Blackburn

I passed them around our DnD/ CP2020 group. Much approval. To me they look like old bongwater up close; however, to my gaming friends it was most excellent.

Decent dice, great gift

I got one set as a gift and one for myself. Both sets have minor paint issues, but they've rolled well, so far. Still a 5 because I didn't buy these expecting a precision paint job.