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Nebula Nocturnal 7-Dice Set


The Nebula Nocturnal was one the most sought-after in Chessex's Lab Dice series. It is now being re-released as permanent part of Chessex's Nebula Series. In the original Lab Dice release, Chessex vastly underestimated demand and subsequently many people who had placed orders had to receive refunds instead.

In 2019, Awesome Dice was able to purchase a few Nebula Nocturnal sets that Chessex had found in their warehouse and the subsequent "rerelease" event resulted in the sets selling out in seconds. 

This product is back! It was originally part of Chessex's Lab Dice Collection. It is now being re-released as a permanent part of Chessex's Nebula Collection. Its original SKU number was 30013 and is being re-released as 27557. Additionally, the ink color in this set is being changed from turquoise to blue.

Customer Reviews

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Jordan McGuffie
Coolest purchase I’ve made!

A group of buddies and I decided to start a campaign. Only a couple had played before and had physical dice. I decided to look around one day and I found the Nebulas. Pictures don’t do them justice and for the price- you’d be silly not to snag these! I love them!

Jonas Bull
Not a great batch...

Only the D4, D6 and D8 look much like the picture. The rest are so dark that they no longer appear translucent, more like a flat dark purple. If they all looked like the good ones, this would be an easy 5-star set. Alas, it looks like I got an unlucky bunch. They still roll quite well and are of good quality, they just don't look like I'd hoped.


These dice are beautiful, the little glowing specks really shine brightly once the sun is down or they're in the dark! I charge them on my window sill and then look at all the pretty colors before bed.

Best set if Chessex Ever!

These are the nicest looking dice I have ever gotten from Chessex.

Sinister Donut

Very pretty, but a bit less saturated than the picture. They roll great and have no imperfections.