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The Incendiary Dicicle of Liberty


As many of you know/can tell, we live in the US, and this particular dice set instantly reminded us of a very specific, copyrighted, American treat. In an effort to give it a related, not-copyrighted, equally-American name, we arrived at this conclusion. 

This dice set absolutely will NOT light your table on fire, but it's said that fireballs cast with it are particularly effective. And it sparkles and glitters like fireworks while you roll it. 


This is a liquid core dice set. As you roll the dice, they really will sparkle and glitter. 

This dice set is size 9size guide

Customer Reviews

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Kelly McGinnis

Grandson loved the dice!

Ryan Lytle

As a recent sailor in the United States Navy I saw this dice set after completing basic training and immediately ordered it as soon as I reached my new command. As a pure blooded patriot and the creator of the Oath of the Liberator paladin this is easily my favorite set of dice.