How to Make Chocolate D&D Dice!?

I stumbled across this fantastic article on how to make chocolate d&d dice — at, of all places, the Offbeat Bride (I found it via a Google Alert). The site gives step by step instructions for how to make a mold for D&D dice, which you can then fill with chocolate and literally end up with chocolate D&D dice.

How flipping awesome is that? Here’s a shot of the dice (apparently using some kind of additives to give that orange color to some of them — those orange ones aren’t actually real dice.

Chocolate D&D Dice
If you follow the instructions well, you can even get the numbers to display on your chocolate D&D dice.

And here are some shots linked in a comment where someone used the D&D dice mold to make chocolate dice for their wedding reception:

Dark and white chocolate dice

I have to say, I’m not a big DIY person myself, but even I am tempted to go out and buy the clay and silicone needed to put this one together. I would even use these dice for rolling — and if my dice started rolling badly, they would be eaten. Of course this probably wouldn’t work on warm nights where the chocolate would start to melt, but it’s November and it will be a long time before we have to face another warm night.

You can see the article with all the instructions on how to make the dice molds here.

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