One of the most frequent questions we've received is how should buyers of our gemstone dice properly store them. Beginning immediately, we are giving our gemstone dice buyers the proper items they need to safely store their gemstone dice between games. 

Items Needed

You only need two items to secure your gemstone dice:

  1. A roughly 10" x 10" microfiber cloth or equivalent
  2. Any medium-sized dice bag

How to Store Your Gemstone Dice

This video explains how to wrap up your gemstone dice in a cloth and store the wrapped dice in a dice bag:


The step-by-step instructions are:

  1. Lay flat the microfiber cloth.
  2. Place three of your gemstone dice, roughly equidistant apart about 1" inside one of the edges of the cloth. Place one in the middle and the others about 2" from the edges.
  3. Take the edge of the cloth near the gemstone dice and begin to wrap up the dice. 
  4. After a couple of rolls of the cloth, place your two larger dice–typically your d12 and d20–inside of the dice placed along the outside edge.
  5. Continue rolling the cloth.
  6. After a couple of rolls, place your two remaining dice next to the dice in the middle and continue rolling until the cloth has been completely rolled.
  7. Slightly twist and ball up your cloth in such a way to prevent the dice from falling out.
  8. Place the balled cloth inside of a dice bag and secure with the bag's drawstring.

That's it! Your dice have been securely stored.

Why Proper Storage of Gemstone Dice is Important

Gemstone dice are beautiful, but can be fragile at the same time. Carelessly rolling your dice on a hard tabletop without the use of a padded tray is one of the most assured ways to chipping your dice. Storing them in a dice bag in such a way so that they are touching each other is another way to get chipped or even broken dice. Using the method shown above, however, will ensure your dice last for years.


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