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Gears of Fate Dice Set


Gears of Fate is an amber-colored resin RPG dice set with a beautiful gear wheel inclusion. Inked in a dark gold, this set is sure to be a hit for artificers and gear heads! This set, like every set we provide, is certified 100% awesome.

Each dice set includes one of the following:

  • 1 d4
  • 1 d6
  • 1 d8
  • 1 d10
  • 1 d%
  • 1 d12
  • 1 d20

These are roughly around size 6, possibly a little larger (especially the d20): size guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Luke H.
Fun artificer dice!

Lovely cute dice for the artificers among us

Gabriel Walter

Gears of Fate Dice Set

Jason Byers

The gears are suspended in a nice position and the color works well with the theme. I love this set.

Jonas Bull
Great Set

These dice look exactly like they do in the pictures. While the D20 is a little fuzzier because of the size, they all look brilliant and feel very well-made.

Grayson Chandley
Was the perfect set for my friend!

My friend, who just had his birthday, always was joking about how since I got into dnd he’s been watching dnd tiktoks and YouTube videos. For his birthday o decided to initiate him with this dice set and he loved them! Can’t wait to throw him through his first one shot!