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The DeeDee Dice Set


Ask and you shall receive! We here at Awesome Dice are extremely excited to be partnering with Duke Davis of One Shot Questers to bring you DeeDee! This lovable little d20 celebrates your Nat 20s right along with you, but beware the Nat 1. Such a roll conjures DeeDee's angry eyes! 

Each number is inked in an easy-to-read blue paint. What's more, DeeDee comes paired with a full set of contrasting dice! And when I say DeeDee comes with a full set of dice, I mean a full set of dice. 

This is an 8 dice set, including: 

  • A blue d4 
  • A blue d6 
  • A blue d8 
  • A blue d10 
  • A blue d% 
  • A blue d12 
  • A blue d20 
  • A DeeDee d20 

These are standard size dice... except for DeeDee, DeeDee is a little larger than standard.

Just want DeeDeeWe got you covered

Customer Reviews

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Fell in love with Deedee.

Super cute and had to get a few more to use as gifts


The DeeDee Dice Set

André-Mathieu Gervais

The DeeDee Dice Set

Joshua Cole

Very nice dice

Conor Robinson
Great Service!

Bought off ye for the first time and didn't expect much of it to be honest. then I started getting emails from awesome dice and I can say your emails are fantastic! It's well thought out from a customer perspective rather than a formal business one. Ye had tips and tricks in most of the emails which is something I haven't seen before. Keep up the great work!