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At Awesome Dice, you can buy individual d20s from the styles listed on this page. Many players prefer having an extras when rolling with advantage or disadvantage.Ā Indeed, having an extra 20-sided dice means you can roll two at onceĀ when needed. This allows you toĀ skip having to roll and then re-roll the same die.

More About d20 Dice

The d20 is a platonic solid, the icosahedron. 20-sided dice are the most popular part of a DND dice set.Ā In fact, itĀ is often used as a symbol of roleplaying games in general. After the d6, it is the second most popular die sold: though D&D requires only one d20 to be rolled at any given time, many gamers prefer to have a selection of 20 sided dice at hand to roll for different characters, in different situations, or when the luck of one die seems to be giving out.

The Oldest Twenty-Sided Die

The oldest d20 recorded is from Egypt and is dated to 300 BC. An ancient Roman twenty-sided die dated to 100 AD sold at auction for nearly $18,000 in 2003. Despite the fact that the ancient Greeks had a documented understanding of the platonic solids, including the icosahedron, the d20 was actually patented in 1950 by the Tokyo Shibaura Electric Company. When D&D was first released with a dice set, it was numbered 0-9 twice.Ā šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø

Shopping for d20 Dice at Awesome Dice

Whether you need to replace a cursed die or want a separate die for each character, Awesome Dice is a great place to buy individual 20-sided dice.Ā We offer a no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee on all purchases, including individualĀ dice purchases.