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Let's be blunt here -- the Dragonscale Dice Bags are the coolest dice bags in the world. I mean, you can see the picture right? That's what they're like in real life too, except you can run your hand along the scales and watch them move and look cool up close as they protect your dice.

The dragonscale dice bags are hand knitted with anodized aluminum scales knitted into the bag to give the appearance of dragon scales. The scales are only on the outside of the bag, and the inside is nice soft yarn so that your dice will not get scuffed up or marred by the metal. The bottom interior of the large versions have a plastic disc to hold the bottom open, which can be removed if you so desire. The drawstring for the dice bags is leather of an appropriate color.

The dragonscale dice bags come in two sizes: big and awesome and expensive, and small and less awesome and less expensive, but still pretty awesome. The large version is capable of holding up to 100 standard 16mm dice, and the small one is appropriate for a couple sets of dice.

These dragonscale dice bags will make you the envy of everyone at the gaming table. The first reaction of the other gamers when you sit down will be to exclaim how cool it is, then they'll want to touch it, and then they'll want to know where you got it. You can tell them that you fought a dragon, cast a miniaturization spell on it, and then slew it. Or you can send them to us and we'll sell them one that isn't quite as cool as yours.

* No dragons were harmed in the creation of these dice bags.

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