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RPG Dice - Role Playing Dice (Polyhedral Dice)

The world of dice is pretty much divided into two sections: the six-sided dice of casinos and Monopoly, and the RPG dice sets of roleplayers. Awesome Dice is all about being the place to buy role playing dice. RPG dice have different needs and requirements than the dice of the outside world. RPG gamers demand not just high quality role playing dice, but a myriad of styles and colors and set types for their polyhedrals. We role players want to buy different dice for different games, and even different dice for different characters.

It can be hard to explain to non role players why we need that extra set of dice on hand in case our primary RPG dice start rolling bad. Yes, we understand probability -- probably better than they do -- but every role player also understands that you do not tempt fate. If your dice are rolling bad, you need to set them aside and move on to some fresh dice. The last thing you want is dice that are rolling badly when your character is in a life or death situation.

RPG dice are about more than just randomly determining a number. If that's all we needed we'd have all abandoned dice by now and just be using little random number generators on our smart phones. But frankly, that's just not the same. There is an art to rolling RPG dice, a feel that the fate of your character, the fate of the story, is literally in your hands. There's a sense of anticipation as the polyhedrals are clattering across the table, that any RPG dice replacement just can't replicate, no matter how hard they try.

And our dice are also about our characters -- that's why we call them role playing dice. If that RPG dice set specific to your character, that got your character through hours and years of role playing still alive, suddenly turns up missing, that's a disaster. Likewise you'd never hand those dice over to another player. That's why we keep some generic RPG dice on hand for that purpose -- often dice that started rolling badly and had to be retired.

Here at Awesome Dice, we're all RPG gamers too. We understand dice, and we understand role playing, and that's why we search the world of the coolest dice to put on our site.