It's official... we've relaunched our Monthly Box of Awesome dice subscription box! On many months, our monthly boxes will be guest-curated by TTRPG influencers, celebrities, and important contributors to the TTRPG community. This month's box is curated by Lili and Keith, two important influencers making waves online and at tabletop events in North America.

A Lil' Fire & Dice

Keith and Lili started playing D&D at very different times of their lives, but they both love it all the same.

Keith started his adventure back in the days of AD&D (1e) after picking up the game from his older brother. A more old-school player, he enjoys painting minis, writing for his ongoing campaign, and getting gritty in combat.

Lili is a fresh face to the community, only playing 5e for the past year. She loves collecting dice (and already has over 200 sets), streaming online with her friends, and doing weird voices.

This dice collection represents the juxtaposition of their partnership and styles: all of Lili's cool, combined with the fire of Keith's lifelong passion.

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You can subscribe to our monthly box here. When you do, you'll receive the January Monthly Box of Awesome curated by Lili and Keith.

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