This month's guest curator hails from Britain and goes by the moniker Bardic Tales.


I have always been a story teller, much like my grandfather before me; as with many English children I was raised on tales of fairies whisking children off to the realm of the fae, devils tricking greedy and unsuspecting mortals, knights waging epic battles against dragons, and the eternal war between good and evil.

They say that, if the legends are to be believed, my homeland is the central hub of such old magics, folklaw and heroes. Some you may be familiar with like Merlin, King Arthur, Robin Hood, The Lady Of The Lake, or even the legendary sword Caliburn. Others perhaps not, for example The Beast of Bodmin Moor, The Lincoln Imp or The Ghost of Berkeley Square. I guess you could say that story telling and legends run in my blood.

There is one other part of British culture that I have always connected with; punk. Yes I know The Ramones did it first, but there is something about the raw, unfiltered, anti-establishment English version that strikes a chord (if you will excuse the pun) deep within my soul. It is the sound of rebellion, the battle cry of the down trodden and the oppressed, and the refusal to bow to those who would use their privilege to harm others. Truth through music.

I suppose it was inevitable then that I would wind up finding a nostalgia inducing love for not only Dungeons and Dragons, but for the Bards.

As a homage to the story tellers and the Bards of old I have chosen these dice which I feel are indicative of old magic, their colours drumming up images of strange potions, fae pranks and wizard robes. May they serve you will on your adventures, noble heroes.

I am forever your humble Bard 🎻

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