At Awesome HQ, we know a thing or two about dice because we've seen a metric ton of them. 

There's good dice: dice that you see online and you say to yourself, "Self, that would be a nice set to have," before clicking over to some social media site or getting back to work. Maybe you'll come back and add them to your collection, maybe not.

There is also sh*tty dice. Dice that look like sh*t and probably roll like it too. Every day, we have manufacturers reaching out to us to try to sell us their crap dice. They do it so much that I'm certain they never actually visit our site because we don't sell crap dice, we only sell awesome dice!.

Ugly dice

This set looks like it was inspired by a dirty toilet.

Finally, there are DnD dice so awesome, so legendary, so frickin' sweet that they make people lose their sh*t. That's the subject of this article.

Dice Sets that Never Fail to Make Tabletop Gamers Turnt

1. Metal Thorn Dice

Designed by Wombat, the expensive, 3D-printed Metal Thorn dice set has caused people to be late on their rent payment. It's also sent anyone who stepped on that d4 to the hospital! This was the set that made hollow, 3D-printed dice a thing.

Turnt Factor: 8/10

2. Chessex Nebula Nocturnal

Nebula Nocturnal Dice Set

The Nebula Nocturnal was a part of Chessex's first wave of Lab Dice, it's limited-run dice sets the company began released in 2019. This was the set everyone wanted but few got. Chessex produced nowhere near enough to meet demand and the set now goes for $40+ on the secondary market... if you can find it! The dice are a translucent purple with a swirl of darkness in each; and just like Vanilla Ice, if you turn off the lights, they'll glow.

Turnt Factor: 7/10

3. Amethyst Gemstone Dice

Amethyst Stone Dice

Gemstone Dice are all-around turnt-worthy, and Amethyst Dice the most turnt of them all! Amethyst, which is actually a violet or purple-colored form of quartz, varies in coloring from deep, dark purple to light-purple and sometimes white with a trace amount of purple. 

The beautiful variation of the stone makes for a gorgeous set of dice and are wildly popular as gifts for Christmas, Valentines, or even for people born in February as it is considered the birthstone of February.

Turnt Factor: 9/10

4. Dispel Kickstarter Dice

Dispel Dice

Dispel Dice's recent kickstarter are some of the most turnt dice we've ever seen. They might be much more pricy than regular dice but are turnt-factor 10! Their kickstarted had a goal of $10K and it ended up raising over $2M.


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