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Here at Awesome Dice, we are big fans of the Borealis series by Chessex. The series is consists of a semi-opaque dice with a magical shimmer effect. We currently carry the 12d6, 36d6, and 7-dice sets for the Light Green, Pink, and Royal Purple series and also carry the 7-dice set in Smoke.

Transition to new Glitter

The series' old green sparkly pigment was incorporated into the production process of the Euro currency, and thus became unavailable, leaving Chessex to scramble to replace their old glitter with something new. While the old glitter may be unavailable for years, if not forever, the new glitter does slightly alter the dice, although in our opinion the entire series still looks great.

March 2019 - New Set Added to Borealis Lineup

The Maple Green Borealis dice was released by Chessex in March of 2019. Awesome Dice carried this dice, called Maple Green, and it was one of our more popular sets for a few months in 2019.

2020 Addition of Luminary Glow in the Dark Glitter to Borealis Series Dice

In October of 2020, Chessex announced that they were revamping the Borealis lineup by adding their proprietary glow in the dark glitter to all new Borealis Dice. With that announcement, the Purple, Sky Blue, Teal, Royal Purple, Light Green, Teal, and Light Smoke sets will be retired and replaced by new sets–of the same time–but containing glow in the dark glitter.