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Chessex Dice

Chessex dice are all high quality, well-balanced RPG dice that have been trusted by TTRPG fans for decades. Chessex now makes Game Science precision dice. Only Chessex has advanced the dice manufacturing technology necessary to make these sharp-edge precision dice with printed numbers (before Chessex came along, the numbers were inset and uncolored, this due to manufacturing difficulties). 

Chessex Borealis Dice

Chessex Pink Borealis Dice

Here at Awesome Dice, we are big fans of Chessex's Borealis series. This series consists of semi-opaque dice with a magical shimmer effect. We currently carry 7-dice sets from this line.

Chessex Gemini Dice

Chessex Gemini Black-Grey Dice

Chessex's Gemini line is the company's most expansive and among one of the most enduring lines in the dice world. Each set contains two colors mixed together with little, if any, blending. The results are awesome! Gemini Black-Shell and Gemini Purple-Teal remain some of the most perpetually popular sets sold here at Awesome Dice. 

Chessex Lab Dice

Chessex Lab Dice

In early 2019, Chessex announced that they would begin releasing what they termed their Lab Dice series. Lab Dice are limited-run dice sets produced by Chessex and released in groups. Some of the dice sets have become very sought-after, pushing the secondary market prices of certain sets higher than their original sales price.

Chessex Scarab Dice

Chessex Scarab Blue Blood Dice Set

The Scarab series is one of the most colorfully intriguing lines on the market. A small series compared to some of Chessex's other collections, the Scarab line consists of only 4 color schemes: the subtly intriguing diversity of the dark Blue Blood sets (pictured above); the subdued radiance of the Scarlet sets; the rich, beautiful hues of the Royal Blue sets; and the darkly organic greens of the Jade sets. All sets combine to create a dice series with no weaknesses. 

Chessex Vortex Dice

Chessex Vortex Green Dice

Each set in Chessex's Vortex line consists of a mashup of translucence and opaqueness, usually mixed with just a splash of white. The result is a wonderful design that's subtle complexity catches the eye of all who see them. The pictures never do them justice.