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7-Dice Sets - RPG Dice

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Borealis Light Green 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Borealis light green RPG dice with gold numbers.
Elven Translucent Blue 7-Dice Set
Set of Q-Workshop transparent Elven dice with blue numbering.
Gemini Purple-Teal 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 purple-teal dice with gold numbers.
Gemini Red-Black 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Gemini red-black D&D dice with gold numbers.
Green Forest 7-Dice Set
Intricately detailed green Forest 7-dice set.
Metal Dwarven Runic 7-Dice Set
7-dice set of metal Dwarven Dice with dwarven rune numbering.
Metal Thorn 7-Dice Set
Awesome Thorn Dice set made from a mixture of solid metal and awesome.
Nebula Blue 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Nebula blue RPG dice with white numbers. Inky blue suspended in clear dice.
Pathfinder Black Carrion Crown 7-Dice Set
Set of black Pathfinder Carrion Crown dice of awesomeness.
Pathfinder Iron Gods 7-Dice Set
Official Pathfinder Iron Gods dice set of black and teal RPG dice.
Pink Ghostly Glow in the Dark 7-Dice Set
Ghostly Glow 7-dice set are pink by daylight, and a bluish glow in the dark
Scarab Blue Blood 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Scarab red-blue RPG dice with gold numbers.
Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Scarab jade green RPG dice with gold numbers.
Scarab Royal Blue 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Scarab royal blue D&D dice with gold numbers.
Scarab Scarlet 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Scarab Scarlet red D&D dice with gold numbers.
Vortex Orange 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Vortex orange RPG dice with black numbers.
Adventurine Stone Dice Set
Full-sized dice set made out of genuine Adventurine stone, with gold numbers.
Amethyst Stone Dice Set
Dice set carved from genuine amethyst stone.
Beige Forest 7-Dice Set
Set of Q-Workshop Forest D&D dice. Set of 7 standard 16mm dice.
Black Marbled 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 RPG dice with a black and gray marbled appearance.
Blue Frost 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 standard-sized RPG Blue Frost dice with white numbering.
Borealis Royal Purple 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Borealis royal purple dice with gold numbers.
Copper Metal 7-Dice Set
Set of solid metal RPG dice with a copper finish and black numbering.
Cthulhu Black-Green 7-Dice Set
Call of Cthulhu black-green dice set with Elder Sign.
Dragons Black & Red 7-Dice Set
Dragons dice: black & red 7-dice set with dragon design.
Dwarven Red & Black 7-Dice Set
Dwarven runic red & black 7 dice set from Q-Workshop.
Elven Translucent Red 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Elven Translucent Red dice with red numbers.
7-Dice Sets - RPG Dice

7-Dice Sets of RPG Dice

Awesome Dice carries a dizzying variety of 7-dice sets, from simple opaque dice to awesome premium dice and specialty dice. 7-Dice sets are the most common dice set in the gaming world, popularized by Dungeons & Dragons. While 7-dice sets are often referred to as D&D dice as a result, there are many RPG games that make use of them, so that if you want to buy D&D dice you're going to get a 7-dice set, but if you want to buy dice for many other games (Earthdawn, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, etc) you're still looking at 7-dice sets. The RPG 7-dice set includes all of the standard  polyhedral dice. Specifically:

  • 4-sided die
  • 6-sided die
  • 8-sided die
  • 10-sided die
  • 10-sided percentiles die (for use paired with a d10 to give percentile, or d100 results)
  • 12-sided die
  • 20-sided die

These RPG dice sets are the staple of the gaming world and are used in games like D&D, Pathfinder, Earthdawn, any d20 game, Call of Cthulhu, and many more. It's probably worth pointing out that while a 7-dice set covers all of the dice you need for these games, it does only give you one of each of these dice. Sure, if your wizard is launching a fireball at a mass of orcs the 7-dice set has you covered -- it has the d6 for your fireball damage and you can just roll it over and over. But most gamers prefer to have a larger number of some of the die types that you more commonly need to roll in clusters (d6 is probably the one that you need the most).

There are a few ways to build up multiples of these dice -- you could purchase them individually (which is kind of a pain) -- but more commonly gamers prefer to get multiple RPG dice sets in different colors or styles, which allows us to use different dice sets for different games or characters, or to lend out dice to a player who forgot theirs without any danger of confusing whose dice are whose. So grabbing a few different 7-dice sets serves this function well. Alternatively, you could grab a 12d6 set, since six-sided dice are one of those that you commonly need a lot of, and then a couple of 7-dice sets. Then there's the killer Pound o' Dice solution -- just getting a mass of different dice to fill in for all the occasions when you need MOAR DICE!

Of course, here at Awesome Dice, our preferred solution is to do all of them. After all, a gamer can never have enough RPG dice.