So you want to start playing Dungeons and Dragons. Awesome! Whether you've been asked by someone to play or you've started this journey on your own, this blog post will be helpful and I've purposefully not made it longer and more complicated than it needed to be.

One thing to keep in mind: you won't fully learn how to play until you go play. Learning DND can be a lot like learning a foreign language. You can study it for years but you'll only get so far until you jump right in, immerse yourself in a different world, and absorb it like a sponge. The purpose of this blog isn't to teach you the "10,354 thing you need to know to play D&D" nor is it a definitive guide. If you do the following, however, you'll have enough confidence to sit down at a D&D session and get started.

  1. Watch this D&D Starter Kit video on YouTube. An experience dungeon master assigns players their characters, gives them insight as to what they can do, and they actually go through an actual session of D&D towards the end of the video. 
  2. Buy the Player's Handbook. This book will contain information about the basic races and classes that make up a D&D world. While it isn't necessary to read every page line-by-line, you do want to get to know the types of characters you can create and try to form some kind of idea of the character you'd like to play.
  3. Build a Character. I strongly recommend the character builder at D&D Beyond. It will ensure you build a character allowable under the basic D&D guidelines. This way, you won't end up causing your table-mates to scratch their head when you try to cast Fireball as a level 1 rogue. 
  4. Buy some dice. You can pick them up at your local game shop or here, at Awesome Dice. Just grab any 7-dice set that tickles your fancy. You'll probably want to buy some more later, but all you need to play is a 7-dice set.
  5. Go play! Seriously, get out there and plop yourself down at a table and play. Most likely, your local game shop will have someone running games on a regular schedule and if not, they know of several groups that play. Tell everyone that you'll be playing your first D&D session and the experienced players will gladly show you the ropes. The D&D community is one of the friendliest communities you'll find on the planet so I guarantee you'll be taken care of.

That's it. It isn't any more complicated than that. Do you have advice for beginners? Leave a comment below.

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