Here at Awesome Dice there’s really only one thing that we do: provide dice for people (in exchange for digital money, of course). But no matter how many dice you have, or how awesome those dice are, sometimes you find yourself without your dice and with the need to roll dice.

Happily Awesome Dice is now here for that too!

Awesome Dice has just released our free WordPress dice roller widgets. If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you can install any one of our 3 dice roller widgets (depending on the game that you want to be able to roll dice for) and spread the dice rolling ability to the rest of the diceless masses.

Of course if you just need to make a roll, we have all three widgets installed over on the right side of this blog, so you can roll to your heart’s content right here. But if you do have a WordPress blog of your own, we think you should probably do your part to spread the joy of dice rolling. Or at least the ability — there isn’t a whole lot of joy in rolling digital dice.

You can check out more details and screenshots of the dice rollers at our Dice Roller Widget page; you can install them directly from your WordPress admin, or download them from at the following links:

  • Gaming Dice Roller – roll any number of any of the standard RPG gaming dice, from d4 to d20 and percentile. Displays each die result and the sum of all the dice.
  • D&D Dice Roller – roll a d20 with modifiers. Displays the natural and modified result, and notifies you in big red letters of a natural 20.
  • World of Darkness Dice Roller – roll any number of 10-sided dice against a difficulty number that you enter. Set the widget to allow 1os to explode or not, and whether to have 1s cancel successes (starting with 10s). Displays the result of each die roll as well as the total number of successes, and warns with big red letters in the case of a botch.

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