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Single Polyhedral Dice

Need more than just one of each kind of polyhedral die? Get individual single dice to add to your 7-dice set. The standard dice sets cover all the bases, but sometimes you need an extra handful of d4s for your magic missiles, or d6s for your fireballs and backstabs.

If you're looking for a customized set of polyhedral dice, just check the Related Products tab of any product to see all the dice sets and single dice available for that dice style and color.

👉 4-Sided Dice

The d4 is a platonic solid also known as a tetrahedron. It is only part of a DND dice set. Also, gamers sometimes colloquially refer to 4 sided dice as caltrops. In fact, most veteran gamers have accidentally stepped on the sharp top edge of these dice at least once.

👉 6-Sided Dice

The d6 dice are a platonic solid, meaning it is a cube. Six-sided dice are the most common dice type in gaming. For example, they are used in casinos, in board games, and roleplaying games. There are, in fact, several RPGs that use nothing but the 6 sided dice for all rolls.

👉 8-Sided Dice

D8 dice are a platonic solid known as the octahedron. Eight-sided dice are most commonly used as part of any roleplaying game that makes use of the standard D&D dice set, including D&D, Pathfinder, Earthdawn, and Call of Cthulhu (where 8 sided dice are mostly used for sanity losses).

👉 10-Sided Dice

The d10 is the only piece of the standard DND dice set that is not a platonic solid. The 10 sided dice we use in gaming is a pentagonal trapezohedron and is typically numbered 1-0, with the 0 representing ten.

👉 Percentile 10-Sided Dice

Percentile d10s are numbered 10 - 00 and are used in conjunction with a standard d10 die to create a roll of 1 - 100. While there are 100-sided dice, the percentile d10 method is easier to read and is the most common way of creating a 1-100 roll.

👉 12-Sided Dice

The d12 is one of the platonic solids, officially the dodecahedron. Twelve-sided dice are a part of the traditional DND dice set and are used in a myriad of roleplaying games, though the d12 rarely takes a very prominent roll.

👉 20-Sided Dice

At Awesome Dice, you can buy individual d20s from the styles listed on this page. Many players prefer having an extra d20 when rolling with advantage or disadvantage. Indeed, having an extra individual d20 dice means you can roll two d20s at once when needed.