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Dungeons & Dragons Dice

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Borealis Light Green 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Borealis light green RPG dice with gold numbers.
Elven Translucent Blue 7-Dice Set
Set of Q-Workshop transparent Elven dice with blue numbering.
Gemini Purple-Teal 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 purple-teal dice with gold numbers.
Gemini Red-Black 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Gemini red-black D&D dice with gold numbers.
Green Forest 7-Dice Set
Intricately detailed green Forest 7-dice set.
Metal Dwarven Runic 7-Dice Set
7-dice set of metal Dwarven Dice with dwarven rune numbering.
Metal Thorn 7-Dice Set
Awesome Thorn Dice set made from a mixture of solid metal and awesome.
Nebula Blue 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Nebula blue RPG dice with white numbers. Inky blue suspended in clear dice.
Pathfinder Black Carrion Crown 7-Dice Set
Set of black Pathfinder Carrion Crown dice of awesomeness.
Pathfinder Iron Gods 7-Dice Set
Official Pathfinder Iron Gods dice set of black and teal RPG dice.
Pink Ghostly Glow in the Dark 7-Dice Set
Ghostly Glow 7-dice set are pink by daylight, and a bluish glow in the dark
Scarab Blue Blood 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Scarab red-blue RPG dice with gold numbers.
Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Scarab jade green RPG dice with gold numbers.
Scarab Royal Blue 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Scarab royal blue D&D dice with gold numbers.
Scarab Scarlet 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Scarab Scarlet red D&D dice with gold numbers.
Vortex Orange 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Vortex orange RPG dice with black numbers.
Adventurine Stone Dice Set
Full-sized dice set made out of genuine Adventurine stone, with gold numbers.
Amethyst Stone Dice Set
Dice set carved from genuine amethyst stone.
Beige Forest 7-Dice Set
Set of Q-Workshop Forest D&D dice. Set of 7 standard 16mm dice.
Black Marbled 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 RPG dice with a black and gray marbled appearance.
Blue Frost 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 standard-sized RPG Blue Frost dice with white numbering.
Borealis Royal Purple 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Borealis royal purple dice with gold numbers.
Copper Metal 7-Dice Set
Set of solid metal RPG dice with a copper finish and black numbering.
Dragons Black & Red 7-Dice Set
Dragons dice: black & red 7-dice set with dragon design.
Dwarven Red & Black 7-Dice Set
Dwarven runic red & black 7 dice set from Q-Workshop.
Elven Translucent Red 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 Elven Translucent Red dice with red numbers.
Festive Carousel 7-Dice Set
Set of 7 festive carousel RPG dice with white numbers.
Dungeons & Dragons Dice

D&D Dice

Dungeons and Dragons uses any standard 7-dice set. In fact, the 7-dice set is the gaming standard because of D&D. At a minimum to play you'll need one each of: 4-sided dice, 6-sided dice, 8-sided dice, 10-sided dice, 12-sided dice, and 20-sided dice. When you buy a standard D&D dice set you'll also get a second 10-sided die that's used for percentile rolls.

While most gamers prefer to have several sets on hand so they can roll larger dice pools without needing to reroll any dice, you can roll everything that needs rolling with a single standard dungeons and dragons 7-dice set.

Dungeons & Dragons

D&D is the grandaddy of all role playing games. Dungeons and Dragons established the standard gaming dice set of 7 polyhedral dice that has been used by hundreds of RPGs since. When you buy a standard D&D dice set it includes the 4-sided die, 6-sided die, 8-sided die, 10-sided die, percentile 10-sided die, 12-sided die, and of course the signature 20-sided die. While Dungeons & Dragons has gone through many iterations throughout the decades, from basic to advanced to 2nd edition to the giant 3rd edition D&D revival, to 3.5 and 4th edition, the standard D&D dice set has remained the same.

Way back in the day the original D&D boxed sets came with a 7-dice set of plain, opaque dice where you had to color in the numbers yourself, and let me tell you, we here at Awesome Dice are pretty thrilled with how far D&D dice have come since then!

Now rather than those plain mono-color D&D dice we can buy our Dungeons and Dragons dice in much higher quality, heavier dice with actual colored numbering. Or translucent D&D dice, and speckled D&D dice, or all the myriad of premium dice styles available. Heck, if we really want to show off and have the coolest D&D dice on the planet, we can get metal dice or dice crafted from actual gemstones.

It's a good time to be playing Dungeons and Dragons, the oldest and still largest RPG. And it's a great time to buy D&D dice.

Balthazar on D&D Dice

We asked Balthazar to make a video about D&D dice, and this is what he sent us: a brief summary of D&D dice followed by a series of stories of what he has accomplished in Dungeons & Dragons (and out) with his D&D dice: